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About Us

About Us

1st Place Sports Complex strives to teach, develop, and organize youth players in the any type of indoor sport. We believe that sports offer kids and others the opportunity to learn teamwork, hard work, discipline, and respect which are all essential to building a strong character. We provide organized league sports experiences and recreation programs to kids in our community. We encourage engagement in physical activity, social interaction, and character-building through high-quality, organized sports in a safe and fun environment.

We have over 20,000 sq. ft. of court space available for any indoor activity from basketball and volleyball to parties and weddings. All of our courts are raised 2nd grade maple flooring because it is harder and more durable than almost any other type of hardwood floor. The courts are also divided to keep up with social distancing standards and have plenty of seating and viewing space. We also have state of the art training equipment to keep our young athletes in tip top shape.


Amazing place for young aspiring basketball athletes who look for great competition. Also very safe abiding and enforcing all covid-19 precautionary measures to ensure a clean and safe environment.

Marlon Zepeda

Showtime Ballers uses 1st Place for their basketball practice time and we always play games at 1st Place on weekends. Well ran facility, clean and very friendly staff. Vaughn really takes care of the kids and to the groups that use 1st Place Sports Complex facility.


Best Basketball facility in the SFV. It has great youth programs for kids to develop social skills and new fresh courts with updated gym equipment.

Vinnie K

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